Our clients are our best ambassadors!


Thank you for your interest in the SWAY Creative Group Referral Program. We are so grateful for our clients, friends, partners and colleagues that help us to spread the word about our company and the services we provide.


Let's work together!

You probably do this naturally already - send business associates to service providers that you know and trust, so why not get rewarded for it! When your referral results in project work for SWAY Creative Group, you will earn a referral commission valued at a minimum of 10% of the project value.


3-easy steps!

  1. Submit your referral
    Submitting a referral is easy. All we need to get started is your referral's name and email address.

  2. Receive notification when your referral results in new business

    We will send you an update when your referral signs their contract.

  3. Collect your referral commission
    We will send you a referral commission within 30 days of receiving the client’s payment. Most of our clients pay 50% at the start of their project and 50% at project completion.