Why YouTube is the King of Content

We live in an age of a crowded social media market. We could spend days and days and days just scrolling through social media apps on the app store, all competing for our attention and time. Do you remember vine? Or what about MySpace and Friendster? The possibilities are endless, yes, but only a few rise to the top as the most value added social platforms that users actually enjoy using and find that they cannot live without. Among all other options, we’re here to tell you why YouTube should be your number one pick for building a strong social presence online.

People like to view content, not read it.

You can try and tell yourself otherwise (especially if you work for a newspaper), but truth be told, people like to view content, not read it.

There is so much competing noise online, and for the most part, the general public does not have the attention span or the time to spend scrolling through paragraphs and paragraphs of text. If there’s the option to view a 1 minute video or read a 10 minute article, you can bet that there’s a very good chance that person would opt for the video instead.

It’s not rocket, science, it’s just fact.

Not convinced? Consider this scenario: You’re trying to learn how to edit the colour of the sky of your landscape images from a recent trip in Lightroom. You’re new to the software, but you’re confident that you can master this skill quite quickly. You log in to your computer and after fiddling around for a while, you realize you’re going to need help. You can either A) Sift through a 2,000 word article that explains how with images, or you can watch a 2 minute youtube video that explains the entire thing from start to finish.

Our attention spans are becoming shorter

There’s a reason you seldom see millennials pick up the newspaper to read on their daily commute to work. We simply don’t have the time to sit down and read long-form content anymore. That, and we don’t feel like we have the time. Distractions come into play and before we know it, we’re thinking, reading, or watching the next most important thing.

We’re digesting more and more information in less time, at a greater density. We used to read the newspaper, and now we get flash updates on social media via the Daily Skimm. We used to read lengthy articles telling us what’s going on in the world, and now we watch 5 minute videos on Global BC that summarize five important events in one.

Considering all of this, it’s no wonder why YouTube has become a key player in social media today.

Just think about it.

What other social media channel manages to embed itself in almost all other social platforms like YouTube does? You might not even realize it at first, but YouTube is everywhere. It’s on your Facebook feed, your Twitter Feed, it’s linked in Instagram bios or through the ‘swipe up’ feature, it’s on virtually every Google search, and it’s even on news articles and email.

Unless you’re a proponent of Vimeo or Flickr, essentially every video you watch online is housed in YouTube. How incredible is that? Can the same be said for the content housed in other social platforms?

And when you consider how much video content we’re actually watching these days (hint: we’re watching 5 billion videos on YouTube per day), it seems silly to focus your efforts on any other social platform.

If you want to get ahead of the social game, you should be using YouTube.

If it aligns with your business strategy and sales goals, you should be on YouTube. Why? Because that’s where content is being viewed. That’s where information is being conveyed. That’s where advertising is being digested. And that’s where sales are being converted without users even realizing they’re converting.

Growing an audience is hard, but growing an audience by feeding the masses old-school marketing campaigns is even harder. YouTube has been around for a while now, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The next time you find yourself watching a video on YouTube, ask yourself, how did I get here, and how can I capture my ideal audience in the same way?

And of course, we’ll end off with a video, because ending off on any other note would just be bad form.